CARE has decided to extend our Membership Drive through 2017 to help introduce new persons to our plan.

Remember, this membership drive will not only benefit the Hospital Association but YOU as well.

YOU can receive $100 for each new enrollee that you bring on board with CARE.

We encourage you to tell your fellow BNSF railroad friends and retirees about CARE and the plans we have to offer.

Below is a reminder of how the program works and remember . . .

"Introduce a BNSF Friend to CARE and We’ll Introduce You to One Hundred Dollars."





Questions & Answers


Q: How does the Program Work?

A: A current CARE member recruits a current or former BNSF employee, retiree, spouse/dependent* or former CARE member to enroll in one of CARE’s healthcare plans.  The CARE member then contacts the CARE office and provides the "recruited" person’s information.  When returning the application, the "recruited" person will need to indicate the CARE member who referred them.

Once the application for the new enrollee is received and approved and dues received for the plan they have enrolled in, the recruiter will receive a check within 30-45 days.



Q: How much will I receive for recruiting a new member?

A: $100 per eligible new member recruited not to exceed $500 annually (which means you can recruit up to 5 new persons per calendar year).


Q: When does the Membership Drive start? 


A:  Effective Immediately.



Q: Who can participate?


A: All current CARE members.



Q: What CARE Plans are included?


A: Plan #3000, Plan #3100, Plan #4000, Plan #4100, Plan #5000 and Plan #5100.


Q: Definition of a "New" Member:


A: A current or former BNSF employee, retiree, dependent and/or former CARE member.


* Does not apply to newborns or children being added to the family plan under Plan #3000 and Plan #3100.

Thank you again for your support and loyalty and we hope to continue to serve you for another 130 years!